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Youth Programme Header (Landscape)
Crean Awards: Scouts’ Guide Document

Section 1: Yourself    

Your Interests:

Patrol Presentation of an Interest


Tom Crean Story

Promise & Law

Promise and Law in daily life 

Promise & Law  One World Week 2013

Scouting Knowledge: 

Scouting Knowledge

Scouting Structures

Building Blocks of a Scout Troop

Section 2: Patrol & Troop

Patrol Involvement:

Understanding the PLC

Your Role in Your Programme 

Patrol and Troop Activities 

Bivvy Shelter  Backwoods: Latvian Fire Log and Bucksaw 

3 Pole Challenge  Ten Minute Tower  Ballista Friction Bridge  Monkey Bridge

Geocaching  Mountain Biking  Compass Exercise Orienteering

Photo Safari   Night Hike & Navigation  Rubbish Bag Challenge

JOTI: Jamboree on the Internet



Special Interest Badges – Physical – Orienteering

Special Interest Badge – Skill – Guitar & Digital Photography

Section 3: Citizenship


Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Patrol Games

Natural Disaster  Environmental Activity – Water

Get to Know Your Local Environment

Leave No Trace – Travel on Durable Surfaces

Organising an Environmental Project


Organising a Community Project

Peace Light

Section 4: Skills

Bivvy Shelter  Map and Compass

Catapults   Ten Minute Tower

Bronze Helmsman 1 Badge

 Cook Book 

Skills Cards:

Camping: CookingFire LightingBurning Wood, Minimising the Effects of FiresMenu PlanningFood Storage,  Gutting a Fish, and Pitching a Lightweight Tent  and an Icelandic Tent

Using Hand AxeSawPen KnifeKnives, and Hand Axe Safety.

Making a Sketch Map

Patrol Campsite Designs: TableAltar FireDresserWashstand, & Waste Disposal

Patrol Camp: Building a Table & Seats

Pioneering: Knots,  Rope: Types & PartsTying Tripods & Quadpods, & Tripod & Quadpod Braces.

Backwoods: Water FilterWaterproof Match KitFire Starting PodsMound FireBackwoods Cooking RecipesSurvival NavigationSurvival Rule of ThreesDakota Fire Pit & Signal Mirror

Hillwalking: Route CardPacking a Rucksack, Trangia, and Pacing

Map and Compass: Map and Compass Exercises – Identifying Features on a Map, Map and Compass Exercises: Potato Contouring

Emergencies: First Aid KitTreating BleedingTreating BurnsTreating a FractureTreating SprainsTreating Breathing Difficulties & Building a Stretcher 

Water Skills: Assessing Wind SpeedAvoiding Obstacles (Daylight), & Whipping Rope

Orienteering: SymbolsContours, &  Map

Communications:  SemaphoreMorse Code & Ground-to-Air Emergency Signals

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