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Running a Scout Programme

Running a Scout Programme

Scouters’ Guide to the Crean Awards

Your Role in Your Programme 

Patrol Corners

Running a Patrol Leaders’ Council

Programme Cycles: Plan Do Review Posters

New Scouting Year 

Building Blocks of a Scout Troop

Planning and Reviewing Methods

Patrol Activity Planner

SPICES Review Sheet

Crean Awards: Tracking Progress Methods

Crean Awards: Personal Journey Record Sheets

Exploring the Scout Method

Resources Guide Posters


Roll Book   Names Pages   Record Sheet

Meeting/Activity Planner   Meeting/Activity Checksheet   Patrol Meetings

Troop Programme Planner  Special Interest Badge Planner

Promise & Law:

One World Week 2013 – Development

One World Week 2014 – Diversity

Health Awareness

Natural Disaster Resource

Trading Game

Nuclear Shelter Exercise

Scouts’ Own

Discovery Award 

Discovery Award Scouter’s Guide Document

SPICES for Discovery Award

Promise & Law for Discovery Award

Roles in the Patrol Info Card

Patrol Leaders’ Council Info Card

Leave no Trace for Discovery Award

Community Groups Info Card

Terra Nova Award:

Terra Nova Scouter’s Guide Document

Patrol Presentation of an Interest

Promise and Law in daily life

Understanding the PLC

Scouting Structures

Leave No Trace

Get to know your local environment

Endurance Award:

Patrol Corners

Patrol Identity: Signs & Flags

Implement the Promise and Law, and Lead by Example

Participate in a Sunrise/Sunset/Stargazing Reflection

Polar Award:

Self  Awareness: Self analysis and Presentation to PLC

Promise and Law discussion with your Patrol

Group Council and Role in your Group 

National Events

Share a Skill with another Scout

International Conservation

Patrol System:

Forming Patrols

Patrol Games

Patrol Review Game

Activities (Scouter’s Versions) 

Guide to Resources

Bivvy Shelter   Earth Oven  Backwoods: Latvian Fire Log and Bucksaw

Life-raft Survival Dilemma

Ten Minute Tower


Friction Bridge

Monkey Bridge


Knot Board

Incident Trail

3 Pole Challenge   Geocaching  Mountain Biking

Map and Compass  Compass Exercises Orienteering

Waymarked Trails  Star Constellations

Photo Safari Night Hike & Navigation

Leave No Trace Patrol Games Rubbish Bag Challenge

Environmental Activity – Water

Leave No Trace -Travel on Durable Surfaces

Peace Light (2015)

Pilgrim Paths

Darkness into Light

It’s Ok to Talk – Mental Health resource 



Founder’s Day Activity

JOTI: Jamboree on the Internet

Scouting Online

Community Celebration Week

Mock General Election

Patrol Scout Skills Countdown Challenge


Scout Olympics

Camp Series: 

Preparing for a Patrol Camp

Patrol Expedition

Before Camp: Planning & Preparing

On Camp: Activities, Reflections, and Advice

After Camp: Review

Preparing for Summer Camp: Jan/Feb  

Preparing for Summer Camp: Mar/Apr

Preparing for Summer Camp: May/June 

Gear Lists

Camp Patrol Roles and Rota

Camp Daily Reflections

Camp Patrol Life Advice

Intercultural Advice


Cook Book

Patrol Logs

Trek Cart

Scouts’ Own Book

Organising a Community Project

Organising an Environmental Project

County Patrol Challenge Camp

Skills Cards: 

Camping: CookingFire LightingBurning Wood, Minimising the Effects of FiresMenu PlanningFood Storage,  Gutting a Fish, and Pitching a Lightweight Tent  and an Icelandic Tent

Using Hand AxeSawPen KnifeKnives, and Hand Axe Safety.

Making a Sketch MapLine Mapping, and Estimation

Patrol Campsite Designs: TableAltar FireDresserWashstand, Store AreaGatewayDining ShelterWoodpileChopping Area,& Waste Disposal

Patrol Camp: Building a Table & Seats

Backwoods: Water FilterWaterproof Match KitFire Starting Pods,  Feather Sticks Figure Four TrapFulcaht FiadhMound FireBackwoods Cooking RecipesSurvival NavigationSurvival Rule of ThreesDakota Fire Pit & Signal Mirror

Hillwalking: Route CardPacking a RucksackTrangia, and Pacing

Pioneering: Knots Rope: Types & Parts

Emergencies: First Aid Kit, Recovery PositionTreating a ConcussionTreating BleedingTreating BurnsTreating a FractureTreating SprainsTreating Breathing Difficulties & Building a Stretcher 

Water Skills: Assessing Wind SpeedAvoiding Obstacles (Daylight), & Whipping Rope

Orienteering: SymbolsContours, &  Map

Communications:  SemaphoreMorse Code & Ground-to-Air Emergency Signals

Special Interest Badges:

Physical – Orienteering

Skill – Guitar & Digital Photography


Scouter’s Guide to the Chief Scout Award for Scouts

Venture Scout Link

Code of Conduct

Organising Ceremonies

Whole Health Handbook

Bronze Helmsman Badge

Silver Helmsman Badge

County Youth Forum – Scouts

Preparing for National Council

Getting Active for National Council

National Council Guide for Scout Delegates

Plan Do Review Posters

Fire Safety Week Posters Fire Safety: Escape Plan & Drills

Games for Troop/Patrol Meetings  Running Games

Jamboree 2015: 

Origami Cranes 

Onigiri Rice Balls & Okonomiyaki Pancakes

Chopstick Activities

Japanese NSEW

Shinto Prayer Plaques

Sushi Rice

My World Global Development Goals

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